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In my catalogue lists you#146;ll see an item in the left and middle parts of the page; on your right hand you’ll notice one or more numbers; these are the numbered books of the Dutch Biggles series, in which you can find the item concerned; in my catalogues of persons, airplanes, car brands, cities, countries, motorcycles, mountains, nations, pets, rivers, seas, ships and weapons, I underlined the number of the book, in which the item concerned actually occurs.
In my catalogue of errata et addenda all the errors, attested in the Dutch Biggles books, are listed, whether these might be Johns’ errors, the translator’s errors or even the dull printer’s errors; should you have one of these Dutch books at hand, you can always look up these errors, for I have included page and line numbers.
You must understand that the catalogues themselves are all in Dutch...

The Dutch Biggles Series and numbers



Art and Artists

Car Brands

Gods and Deities

Hotels, Bars and Restaurants

Literature and Writers


Movies and Moviestars

Music and musicians

Pets and Animals

Ships, Boats and Vessels

Sport and Sportsmen

Unclassified Brands and Organisations


Cities, Villages and Hamlets

Countries, Counties, States and Provinces

Heavenly Bodies

Mountains, Hills and Valleys

Nations and Tribes

Rivers, Canals and Lakes

Seas and oceans

Errata et addenda

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